Rocking horse

Broad Oak
Fine Art

"In their innocence and wisdom, in their connection to the earth and its most ancient rhythms, animals show us a way back to a home they have never left."

- Susan Chernak McElroy, "Animals As Teachers And Healers"

Nicole Windley

I work with people to build they're confidence and inspire them to step out of their comfort zone and into their full potential. I do that through yoga, photography and mindset coaching. However, the first way I learned to communicate with myself and translate the world that I see was through ART...

I've spent my whole life with and around horses, on a horse since before I could crawl! It's taken me a good few years to get to grips with communicating with people as a result of this :-D and I will never stop learning the art of communication. Everyone will see something different in a piece of art, but I want it to stir your soul in some way. I want it to inspire you in some way, small or large.

I've been shaped by so many different people and different experiences in my life. I take everything on board, it's all relevant and it makes me who I am. Then I express who I am through my paintings.

Touched by the beauty and mystery of the horse, I capture their spirit, their essence, in my art. As I strive to capture the mystery of whatever my subject is, bringing it alive.



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